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A Keepnet Full of Dreams - Kevin Grozier

A Keepnet Full of Dreams - Kevin Grozier
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Kevin Grozier
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In 2009 Avon Days and Stour Ways was launched, a book that was essentially a romp through four decades of coarse fishing by Kevin Grozier and a few of his friends on those world famous rivers of Southern England, the Hampshire Avon and Dorset Stour, for the magnificent barbel, carp, chub, dace, perch, pike and roach that are found in them. In the five years since publication, his book has attracted a great deal of praise across the angling world with many readers writing, phoning or e-mailing Kevin to let him know how much they enjoyed it.

In A Keepnet Full of Dreams, Kevin has continued the same style in bringing his fishing experiences up to date. The book follows the same amusing, and sometimes irreverent anecdotal style which, judging by the many letters he received proved to be so popular with Avon Days. The new book, like the previous one, is not an unrelenting catalogue of big fish captures. Once again it is essentially a story book, including an account of his first experiences carp fishing abroad.

Dave Steuart, having read Avon Days in 2009 told Kevin it was one of the best angling books he had ever read and warned him he would never write a better book, or even come near it. Yet in his foreword to Kevin's new book A Keepnet Full of Dreams Dave tells us he was wrong!

Another friend, Rae Borras who wrote the earlier foreword to Avon Days tells us in his foreword to the new book that "there is a passion which seeps through every sentence of his writing."



'I didn't know quite what to expect but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was one of the best fishing books I've read for years - superbly detailed and a real mix of styles and topics. A Keepnet Full of Dreams is exceptionally well written, beautifully descriptive and genuinely intelligent, which is a very rare commodity in a fishing book these days.'
Chris Tarrant - Angler and Broadcaster


'Following the success of Avon Days and Stour Ways Kevin has expanded his writing style in a very skilful way.'
Rae Borass


'Kevin has even ventured into fiction with this book, still, with an angling theme as a background. This is so beautifully written as to make the reader unaware it is fiction it is so believable and with that I leave the readers of Kevin's new book to enjoy it as much as I did.'
Dave Steuart


'The three fictional short stories are fishing related and they will in turn make you laugh, perhaps even make you cry and finally they should make you think about the future of this glorious sport of ours. Do yourself a favour. Grab this book, find a nice comfortable chair, pour a mug (or glass) of your favourite drink and start to read. You will find it hard to put down.'

Dave Cable


'A Keepnet Full of Dreams is the second book from the pen of Kevin Grozier and eagerly awaited after the success of Avon Days and Stour Ways. His style is clear and matter of fact, full of useful tips and advice, but still very entertaining, tinged with his dry wit and full of associated anecdote. The book is more than a simple list of captures and contains chapters that are entirely fictional; stories of fish and fishing that inspire, inform and entertain and are very thought provoking at times. This is an unusual fishing book which not only highlights the passion that Kevin has for fishing, but also the environment in which he enjoys his sport. The concern he has for the future of our rivers is genuine and should make us all sit up and think! .........'

Pete Reading, ‘Barbel fisher’ Issue No.38

'Kevin's first book was a big hit and rightly so. Well, spurred on by this success he has written a follow up, A Keepnet Full of Dreams and I am really glad he has as it is every bit as good as Avon days and Stour Ways and in some ways even better. A man who can write in a serious way one minute yet entertain and amuse the next with the reader often likely to wear a wide beaming smile or frequently break into laughter. The latter part of the book for me is an example of his writing at its very best. The last 50 pages or so consist of fictional stories (all fishing related) that prove what a brilliant writer Kevin is. The ring of truth which extrudes from his pen often lulls the reader into thinking they are true stories. Not content on wowing us with fact and fiction there is even a short burst of poetry at the end. It comes highly recommended . ....'

Chris Ball ‘Coarse Angling Today

'My oh My! What a surprise. After finishing Avon days and Stour Ways I thought to myself, “He can never top this,” How wrong I was! You genuinely have a gift with words. Whilst reading A Keepnet Full of Dreams I was transported back 60 years or so to a gentler age on my local River Itchen. When I first read Henry Williamson's books years ago I was captivated by his writing and they had a profound effect on me which stayed with me all these years. Your two books I find have exactly the same effect on me. I never thought you could get replicate or get close to the first one. How you did it I will never know. You have created not one but two literary gems. I have never read better. I take my hat off to you!

PS. “ The Lost Fisherman brought a tear to my eye!...'

Marvin Elliott.......... letter dated 06/04/15

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