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State of The Art Big Hit Carp Fishing - Korda

State of The Art Big Hit Carp Fishing - Korda
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Presented by Danny Fairbrass and featuring Chris Rose and Steve Spurgeon

Interested in doubling or trebling the number of runs you get? State of the Art Big Hit Carp Fishing is totally dedicated to doing just that. It stars Big Hit specialists Chris Rose and Steve Spurgeon. Chris and Steve are directors at Korda and form 1/3 of Team Korda, 3 pairs of top anglers who fish each year in The British Carp Angling Championships.They have set new qualifying records in 2000 and 2001 with 352 and 4561b of fish in 48 hours giving them a runaway win each year and putting them in the final.This year after coming out almost last in the draw they were winning the final for the first 24 hours only to be pushed into 2nd at the last moment, competitors and organisers agree it wont be long before they are crowned champions!

So how do they catch so many? Believe it or not it isn't that hard! They have both fished for loads of takes on prolific lakes up and down the country for years, like most carp anglers they are addicted to the scream of the buzzer or launch' as they call it Over the years they have become masters of turning the swim into a bubbling cauldron of feeding fish, and then turning more feeding fish into fish in the netThese videos show in detail just how they do it, so whether you fish a busy day ticket water or a quiet syndicate this video will give you' new edges to keep you ahead of the carp and the anglers.

Danny Fairbrass interviews the guys to extract the maximum amount of'edges' from them. He says 'Chris and Steve have made more difference to my catch rate than any other anglers I have had the privilege of fishing with, their effort, attention to detail and dedication to big catches is truly inspirationaJ.Their style of fishing has lead to some massive catches for me on loads of different waters, whether it be for big fish or small ones their style out catches anything else I have tried.'


An indepth guide to preparing for a big hit, follow the lads from the day before the session getting the bait and rigs sorted followed by a hectic day at Layer Pits in Colchester where they catch 22 fish mixed in with literally hundreds of tips and tactics to take your fishing to the next level.

BAIT - How can 50lbs of bait cost you only £20? The boys give an indepth guide to their mass baiting approach which suits anyone's budget. Why do they cook it all separately and what mix of baits do they use? Learn new baits that cost pennies and catch loads and get the best info that keeps you one step ahead of the crowd.This is a foolproof guide to bait preparation and application that will get those bobbins flying!

BAITING UP - How much, how often and how the hell do I get it out there are the top three questions here.The boys make it look easy, because it is. Learn how to get your swim fizzing like a jacuzzi.

RIGS - Everyones favourite subject, if you cant tie the latest most effective rigs after watching this section then we recommend you take up golf! Expect a superb 'how to' section on Chris's Claw Rig which lands him 12 out of 13 fish in one day. Plus, a detailed insight into Steve's favourite hooks and hooklink materials. Chris uses swivel type leads and Steve likes in lines, find out why and see exactly how to do it. Which catches more carp, pop ups or bottom baits? Find out in this section.

PVA - Steve is the man who actually thought of the Funnel Web PVA system, so who better to give and in depth guide on how to use it to the very best effect find out why they use a special pellet mix and make a bag in seconds, we shoot over their shoulder to get right in with the action so you can see every move. Learn how to put on refills in seconds and how to use the fantastic new Boilie Funnel Web the system that literally blows boilie presentations apart! Ever used a dynamite stick for fishing? Steve shows you how with the Korda Kompressa.

THE METHOD - Imagining using a feeder that always landed the same way to ensure your hookbait never gets buried, the boys reveal a totally new method feeder set to take the carp market by storm and they reveal their favourite method mixes.

Running time approx 4 hours.

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